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What are STEAMS Courses?

STEAMS Courses, primarily for ages 6-12, run throughout the year as one day workshops and 3-5 day holiday programmes.

The workshops strive to integrate 2 or more of the STEAMS areas: science, technology, engineering, art, maths, and/or society into each course. The MOI believes in helping teens develop confidence and leaderships skills, therefore, these courses are designed and delivered by senior college students. An adult teacher is always present in the class for health and safety.

The diverse range of courses includes: cooking, art, materials technology, digital technology, science, and specialty workshops like Magic the Gathering, roller-coasters, slime, and horror make-up.

If you’re not in Nelson, you can always try out our STEAMS kit to create your own STEAM experience at home.

What is the theme this holiday period?

MOI has lots of great 2 day holiday programmes happening in April including:

Art and Engineering: This course is specifically designed for 7-9 year olds who are interested in design engineering the dream TREE HOUSE! Students will be using their imagination to create a tree house then theme park using skills in maths and engineering. In addition, several engineering challenges will be tested. This course runs, MON to WED or THURS to FRI. Both sections will be very similar.

Cooking and Science: This course is designed for ages 6-12 who are interested in learning how to cook ASIAN style dishes and learn some science, art, and geography of the region. This course runs, MON to WED or THURS to FRI. Recipes will be different for each section.

Jewellery Making: This course is designed strictly for ages 12+ who are interested in learning how to make different types of jewellery from silver clay, to stamping, to recycled materials. this course runs only Mon-Wed.

Key Information

When and Where: 15th -19th April (Nelson Intermediate)  

Cost: from $128.60

Register: For Nelson Intermediate click here