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The top 9 teams (3 from each age group) from a regional are invited to Nationals. The top team(s) (number of spots allocated is determined by Sea Perch and has not been announced yet) from Nationals are invited to the international competition in the USA, via Sea Perch or MATE.

ONLY teams that win at Nationals will be eligible to go to the International Sea Perch competition in the USA. 

Where are Nationals and other details?

  • Nationals for 2024 are being held in Auckland
  • Location: TBA
  • Date/Time:1st December 204
  • Practice session: 30th November 2024
  • Coaches meeting: TBA
  • Pool Specifications: TBA
  • Food availability: TBA
  • Other information:
    • Batteries are available for teams flying in

Due Dates for Items

Registration: 1st November 2024

Factsheet: PDF 21st November 5pm 2024 to


Technical Report: PDF 21st November 5pm 2024 amy@ministryofinspiration.org.nz

Bring your presentation with you (and prepare for no WIFI).  The quiz is completed at the event.

National Hoodies

NATIONAL HOODIES AVAILABLE-must pre-ordered!  The ‘name’ at the bottom can be any appropriate custom name. Costs is $60 for no custom name and $70 with custom name.

Email your order form to amy@ministryofinspiration.org.nz 

Key Information and Resources

How do I register or get more information

Register for Nationals

There are a variety of sessions that can support you in preparing for Nationals.  These will be posted here.

Technical Report Masterclass TBA

If you have questions about your Technical Report or Factsheet please contact: jessica@ministryofinspiration.org