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What is the INSPIRE Festival?

INSPIRE is an annual festival held in Nelson in term 3. INSPIRE is for primary and intermediate age children (approximate ages 8-13) that has been running for many years. Students choose any combination of four 1-hour workshops in a range of STEAMS areas.

Join a scientist to find solutions from the sea, be an ED doctor for the day, or work with a team of engineers to build a real bridge! This is just a small selection of the fun and intriguing sessions on offer, which go BEYOND the ordinary to challenge and yes, INSPIRE students. INSPIRE is suitable for all students who love to think dynamically and creatively. All materials are supplied and the event goes ahead rain or shine.

How does the INSPIRE Festival work?

The 2024 INSPIRE festival features two days of challenging discussions and workshops, all focused around STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths, and Society). All are based on the STEAMS model of education and delivered by New Zealand’s top professionals, scientists, businesspeople, and mentored college students. Each day has its own format.

On Thursday, students choose one focus area for the whole day. On Friday, they select any combination of four 1-hour workshops

A word about students attending on their own:

Many students attend INSPIRE Festival accompanied by a teacher from their school yet some attend independently. Please note that those attending independently attend with the understanding that the organizers and venue will take all reasonable care and follow appropriate health and safety policies but does not hold ultimate responsibility for their safety. Unaccompanied students are very welcome, but attend at their own risk.

Why is the INSPIRE Festival Awesome?

INSPIRE will develop the connection between classroom theory and some very exciting and ground-breaking real careers which make a difference in our world. The energy and enthusiasm of the students is wonderful and, with their feedback, demonstrates the necessity and benefits of INSPIRE. All attendees will be our future leaders and creative thinkers and they have told us they want more; more challenge, more connections and more opportunities to grow and learn.

Key Information 2024

Where: Nelson

When: late August/Early September

Cost: $50 per student per day

Booking opens in August 2024

Sample Programme from 2023  CLICK HERE

2023  Sample Thursday Schedule CLICK HERE

2023 Sample Friday Schedule CLICK HERE

For more information or questions contact: Annabel