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Professional Development with Ministry of Inspiration

Are you looking for Digital Fluency Professional Development?

PLD with Ministry of Inspiration is co-created with you and your school to develop a programme that fits your needs and support you to achieve your aims.

All programmes are hands-on, with activities you can use with your classes tomorrow.

Available Topics

  • Electronics

Learn how to build electrical circuits and how they can support literacy and local curriculum in your classroom, including wearable electronics and art applications

  • Programming/Coding

Learn how to code either in a text based or drag and drop programme (Sratch, Python and HTML/CSS) and how they can support literacy, numeracy and local curriculum in your classroom

  • Robotics

Experience Robotics and how they can support literacy, numeracy and local curriculum in your classroom

  • Innovation

Want to support your students to think outside the box, manage teams and projects? This topic can be tailored to support Enterprise days, collaborative teams (both students and teachers) as well as robotics.

  • Computational Thinking

Discover non-computer based activities and theory that you can apply in your classroom tomorrow to support literacy, numeracy and local curriculum.

What is the process?

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we can then create a tailormade programme for you, your staff and your students.

You can use your MOE approved PLD hours or we can create a quote for your PLD budget.

We can come to you to deliver your PLD and we can include your students as part of the experience.


How do I book or get more information?

To learn more or to book a PLD session please contact jessica@ministryofinspiration.org

What happens to the profits?

The profits from the delivering PLD sessions goes towards supporting our the workshops and sessions that we run for free with schools including our NZAquabots Build Days, Robocup Jr Kick off Sessions, Launch into Coding and Launch into Robotics Sessions