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Welcome to Seaweek in partnership with the Cawthron Insitute

Celebrate connecting with our seas. Toi Moana – Toi Tangata

The seas are a huge part of our work at Cawthron. As New Zealand’s largest independent science organisation, we employ more than 300 people in Whakatū Nelson to deliver world-class science for a better future. Much of our science is based around the marine environment – whether it be developing sustainable aquaculture methods, producing bioactive compounds from marine organisms like algae, leading seafood safety testing or monitoring marine mammal populations and advising on coastal ecosystem management. These are just some of the ways that our scientists are connected to the sea on a daily basis. 

Are you ready to go on a Nurdle hunt?

What are Nurdles and where can we find them?

Nurdle Hunt Recording forms

What happens to my plastic if it gets in the ocean?