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STEAMS School is a one-day-a-week programme that aims to involve children in hands-on learning around a topic that integrates the STEAMS subject areas (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths and social sciences). During the past year topics covered were as diverse as: Marvellous Me - how the human body works, Sustainability, Kitchen Chemistry, and Leonardo Da Vinci and his simple machines.

When does it meet?
The school is held during school terms, from 9:00 am to 2:45 pm, at 173 Rutherford St in Nelson and Brightwater Town Hall.
Little STEAMerS (ages 5-6) Nelson(Tues), Nelson (Wed/Thurs) 9 - 12pm
STEAMS Jr (ages 7-9) Brightwater (Wed) and Nelson (Tues/Thurs/Fri)
STEAMS Sr (ages 10-13) Brightwater (Wed/Thurs) and Nelson (Tues/Fri)

How much does it cost?
Payment is by term, with a cost of $63 per day plus GST for Junior and Senior students, $25 per day plus GST for Little STEAMerS. We have a limited number of partial scholarships available that are awarded on a term by term basis for those with financial need. Parents can also apply for the government’s new Gifted and Talented funding scheme.

How to sign up?
Visit our Eventbrite page and register your tamariki for STEAMS School. Please choose the site and then the class and age group they wish to attend. Please note that the registrations will close for each term after the second week.

Recommended for students who

Have an enquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge

Are willing to sustain concentration and effort

Actively contribute to a positive learning environment.

The day is broken into 3 main parts

Independent Focused Learning

Collaborative Learning

Creative Learning

Trial Period

The students come for a three week trial (which you pay for, and attend in a block) then if both family and teacher feel there is a good fit for the child in the class they continue for the rest of the term and you are billed appropriately.


We still have a few places available in both Nelson and Brightwater. Please email us, below right, for more information.


You will need to inform the child’s school that he or she will be at STEAMS School one day per week. To date we have not encountered any issues around accommodating a child’s participation in STEAMS School, and many of the region’s schools are very supportive of the programme. Once enrolled, you are encouraged to inform the teacher and office staff that your child should be marked present for the day they attend STEAMS School, as they will be attending an academic school as opposed to being absent due to illness or other reasons.


From Students:
At STEAMS School I could do anything - and get support to do it. I felt like I could unwind and release my creativity there.

I would recommend STEAMS School for creative kids and kids who are bored in school. That one day made the entire week better.

From Parents:
Going to STEAMS School gave each of my children the confidence and identity that they are bright and capable learners. I think this confidence about themselves as learners has helped them work harder in regular school -particularly in subjects of interest.

STEAMS School was a learning environment where my children could let their curiosity and intelligence go as fast and far as they wanted to go.