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STEAMS kits are sold in crates of 20 Kit boxes, to support the average class size.

  • 20 Individual STEAMS Kits
  • Teachers Guide
  • Teacher Resource Kit
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STEAMS Kit is a portable box of hands-on, one-hour technology lessons with an engaging series of STEAMS (science, technology, engineering, art, maths, societal matters) projects involving light, sound, and movement that encourage students to develop electronic and programming understanding.

The kit contains all the components necessary (except the computer), 14 hands-on, detailed student lessons, and a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide. The kit starts with simple electronic concepts that then lead students into controlling those electronics through programming with an Arduino pattern based platform.

STEAMS Kit is designed to develop confidence in using programming to achieve specific outcomes and to foster creativity and innovation in technology.

STEAMS Kit is also expandable in many different technological aspects, such as environmental monitoring, robotics, and health sciences. STEAMS Kit encourages tamariki to think and be active technology innovators, and not merely passive users of technology.

Please note. We can supply STEAMS Kits in smaller or larger quantities, to suit your requirements.
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