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About this event
This is a day for bright ambitious students who are interested in ideas. The best way to stretch clever youngsters is to give them a solid platform from which key questions and big ideas can be explored. Students will spend the day with like-minded youngsters all keen to reach the ceiling of their ability and share ideas. Experienced gifted educator, Julie Arliss and lecturers from Oxford University, Aberdeen University and London University will stretch and challenge your students. This is a unique, not to be missed, opportunity for your students.

Topics for 2022: Oxbridge Interview Questions, The Philosophy and Politics of the Embryo, ‘I count therefore I am.’ Is Mathematics Discovery or Invention? , Eating Meat and Eating People, and the Big Debate: The BIG Debate: This House believes that Science has Replaced God

It is very important that caregivers read the programme descriptions carefully prior to signing their child up.

Every August, the Ministry of Inspiration hosts Academy Conferences on tour from the UK for an amazing day of philosophy, ethics, and debate for students in Years 9-13.

The aim of this day is to help students to :

  • Improve their thinking skills

  • Begin to be able to identify what is fundamental from what is trivial

  • Become intellectually creative

  • Identify assumptions and distinguish between good and poor arguments

  • Think systematically and rigorously about relevant modern-day issues

Individuals book now for the 10th of  August at Waimea College


Julie Arliss


Recently awarded a Farmington Fellowship by Harris Manchester College, Oxford, Julie Arliss is a highly accomplished teacher and author. Julie Arliss is a well-known international educator of gifted students with a gift for making the complex simple, and the simple complex. She is committed to the provision of world-class extension activities for these students, to extend their reach well beyond the curriculum to new areas of knowledge. She is on the examining team for Cambridge International Examinations and founder of Academy Conferences.