NBS Intermediate Quiz 2020

Waimea College Hall, Wed 09 SEP 6:00 - 8:00 pm 
Quiz questions categories are:
Science, Technology and Engineering,
Arts, Maths and Society.
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NBS Academic Quiz is a STEAMS subject-based quiz offered three times a year for different age groups – primary, intermediate, and college.

The quiz comprises of 10 questions in each of the STEAMS categories, based on a yearly theme, plus some fun bonus questions. Each quiz is organized and run by rotating college students who determine the theme, write all the questions and answers, develop study material, and run the event on the night. Teams consist of up to 6 people and do not have to be from the same school.

So grab some friends, register your team on Eventbrite, rock up in costume and have fun. Prizes sponsored by NBS.