Junior Philosphy Conference

Academy Conferences and Ministry of Inspiration present the annual Jr. Philosophy Conference. Wednesday, 8 August. The Lectures: 1. Rock in 11 Dimensions: Where Physics and Guitars Collide Dr Mark LewneyThis mind-expanding and ear-stimulating lecture will address some of the biggest ideas in contemporary science. The Rock Doctor, Dr Mark Lewney will use his skill with a [...]

INSPIRE Festival 2018

Ministry of Inspiration is proud to be in partnership with Nayland College to offer the Top of the South community INSPIRE Festival 2018. INSPIRE Festival offers one day of challenging lectures, thought-provoking discussions and hands on experiments, for Years 5-8 and a second day for longer in depth workshops for Years 5-10. MOI hopes it [...]

STEAMS Digital Technology Camp

Students in this camp will spend the week with a learning focus of SCRATCH programming. They will also participate in a variety of other coding opportunities with Spheros and Ozobots. In addition, students will learn some simple circuitry with squishy circuits and soldering. In addition, students will participate in engineering challenges-designing and creating in order [...]

STEAMS Material Science Camp

In this fantastic NEW camp students will use tools to create numerous items that will challenge their creativity and demand innovation. Major projects include: LED board, wooden clock, hydraulic claws, a DIY music box, and much much more! Students will use solder irons, drills, saws, and other tools to complete their projects. All MOI camps [...]

STEAMS Science Camp

Students in this camp will spend the week with a learning focus of the different disciplines of Science: chemistry, biology, and physics. Activities include but are not limited to: energy transfer, forensics, polymers, and much much more. All MOI camps have elements of STEAMS integrated into them. This camp will challenge students in the arts, [...]

STEAMS Cooking Camp

Students in this camp will spend the week learning how to cook fantastic meals from various cultures. They will learn new skills that they can then bring home to provide meals for the family. All food is provided in the price and students will eat and take home their creations each day. Friday's class may [...]


STEAMS School is a one day a week 'school' that immerses your child in the STEAMS curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art, maths, and societal issues). Each week, learning is designed around the STEAMS concept to challenge students to think, explore and create new ideas while surrounded by like-minded peers. The STEAMS School day starts [...]


  The STEAMS® Kit is a programmable electronics teaching kit that has been developed by the Ministry of Inspiration (MOI).  The kit comprises 11-lessons that begin with simple electrical and circuit fundamentals such as ‘what is electricity?’ and ‘what is a breadboard and how to use one?’.  The lessons quickly move on to programming the Arduino [...]