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Te Rangapikikōtuku Empower 2024

Te Rangapikikōtuku Empower 2024 Workshops

Learn about all the workshops on offer at Te Rangapikikōtuku Empower 2024

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Live Streaming

Live Streaming has become an integral part of how young people consume media and entertainment. With its relative ease of access it has opened up the world of broadcasting to anyone who has a device and has evened out the playing field for anyone wanting to begin creating content.

Live Streaming opens up the potential to increase reach within the digital learning space. Students will learn about live streaming, the tools and software needed to make a successful livestream and then set up and run a livestream during this session.


  • Students will learn about live streaming and its function
  • Students will learn about the software involved with live streaming and get a chance to get hands on
  • Students will run a livestream

Casting and Hosting

Just like sports, esports needs people to bring and explain the action to you as it happens, known as commentators in traditional sports, these people are known as Casters in esports.

During the workshop, students will actively participate in casting scrim matches, gaining first hand experience in broadcast talent. This hands-on opportunity provides valuable insights into the skills required for success in broadcasting. With active participation and guidance, students will develop their communication and analysis skills while immersing themselves in the world of casting.


  • Students will learn about the different roles in broadcasting
  • Students will understand how to effectively handle and manage themselves as an online personality
  • Students will be taught the ways to organize their thoughts and how to best convey these in a high pressure live situation

Esport Coaching

People play games for different reasons. There are those who play for fun, and those who play to win. Esports is the name we give to competitive gaming.

This Workshop offers participants of all ages a hands-on experience to delve into the world of esports. Students will gain an understanding of the skills and cognitive processes essential for success in the esports arena. Students will learn to identify key skills required for various games and develop strategies to enhance their gameplay through structured training.


  • Hands on experience, allowing participants of all ages to understand the skills involved in playing competitive video games
  • Understand the different skills and thought processes required to play video games in a competitive environment
  • Learn how to identify the skills required for a game and how to train to improve those skills

Minecraft Speed Builds

In this session, students will team up in groups of four to unleash their creativity in Minecraft.

Team will receive a theme ahead of time to brainstorm ideas and make a plan for their builds. Then, they’ll have a thrilling 20-minute window to bring their creations to life as a team.

The main focus will be on having fun, working together, and adding special touches to their builds. After the building phase, each team will have the chance to showcase their masterpiece and share what they discovered during the process.


  • Students will learn how to plan and work together as a team to complete an objective
  • Students will understand how communication within a team environment impacts success
  • Students will experience the pressures of having to perform together as a team in a competitive environment

Te Iwi Matihiko/Digital Wellbeing

In this day and age, we are brought up surrounded by technology with almost unlimited access to the internet. While the internet is an amazing place, it also comes with many pitfalls for those that are unaware, from social media and screen/swiping ‘addiction’ to cyberbullying. Everyday we are seeing more and more young people suffering because they don’t have the tools to navigate this space safely.

This seminar is designed to give a short insight into how the online world works and to highlight some of the very real issues facing young people in their everyday lives. Students will be able to walk away with a better understanding of the deeper complexities they face in their online lives and how to begin dealing with they negative aspects they face on a daily basis.


  • To begin reflecting on how to better navigate online spaces safely
  • Be able to better understand the impact of high online use
  • To become aware of how the digital world can affect wellbeing

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