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Te Rangapikikōtuku Empower 2024

Te Rangapikikōtuku Empower 2024

Discover your pathway into the digital and creative tech ecosystem! Develop your skills and find practical real-world applications of skills you already possess.

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What's on offer?

Interactive workshops

  • Esports—coaching, game development, soundtrack creation, CGI and VR development
  • Digital technology—led by local and national digital technology leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Take the opportunity to interact with leaders in the local tech industry and find out what’s happening right here!

Interactive ESport competition

  • Open to gamers across Te Tauihu and beyond

“In esports, the playing doesn’t make up most of the industry.  It’s mostly background talent people who film, stream, all sorts of things”

Regan Kelly, President of the University of Auckland’s esports club and a member of New Zealand’s E-Blacks

Sponsored by:

Workshop Information

  • Live streaming/Production
  • Casting and Hosting
  • Esports Coaching
  • Minecraft Speed Builds
  • Te Iwi Matihiko/Digital Wellbeing

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