The STEAMS® Kit is a programmable electronics teaching kit that has been developed by the Ministry of Inspiration (MOI).  The kit comprises 11-lessons that begin with simple electrical and circuit fundamentals such as ‘what is electricity?’ and ‘what is a breadboard and how to use one?’.  The lessons quickly move on to programming the Arduino – using the Scratch language – in order to control electrical devices such as LEDs, buzzers, switches and motors.

By the end of the course, the student should be able to build simple ‘mechatronic devices’ (i.e. uniting the principles of mechanics, electronics and computing to generate economical and reliable systems)  utilising the skills developed during the course.

We are currently developing a series of projects, to augment the STEAMS Kit, which provide ideas and examples of mechatronic devices, such as traffic lights, automatic light controls using sensors, morse-code entry/flasher, an ‘operation’ type game etc.

We are working very hard to bring this Kit to market in the near future, so please check again soon.