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Update from International SeaPerch 2023

The Parua Bay School Floating Toasters recently participated in the international SeaPerch (Aquabot) competition held in Maryland, USA, and had an unforgettable experience. The event saw an impressive turnout of 850 participants, including 147 teams from various countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, China, South America, and New Zealand.

Although the Floating Toasters encountered a setback during the competition, with their controller malfunctioning and preventing them from going in reverse, they remained resilient and maintained good team spirit. Their first obstacle involved getting tangled in a hoop, which hindered their progress. Despite swapping drivers for the next challenge, time constraints prevented them from fully demonstrating their capabilities once again.

Nevertheless, the team’s efforts were recognized and appreciated by their peers. The Floating Toasters secured an impressive 5th place in the Technical Design Report category, showcasing their exceptional skills. Overall, they achieved a commendable 32nd rank in the competition. The team received positive feedback on their video submission and garnered admiration from fellow participants. Their journey from New Zealand to the United States also left a lasting impression on the American audience.

To get a glimpse of their remarkable performance, interested individuals can watch the competition video at this link: Competition Video Link.

Reflecting on the entire journey, the Parua Bay School Floating Toasters regarded their participation in the Aquabot competition as an extraordinary experience. They highly recommend this opportunity to students across New Zealand, emphasizing the valuable skills and personal growth it offers. The team hopes that more children will have the chance to be involved in AquaBots, allowing them to embark on their own remarkable journeys of discovery and achievement.